Guild Rules & Policies

General Rules

  1. Be respectful of each other. Use common sense here.

  2. No drama; if it happens, don't get everyone caught in the crossfire. Exception: Lore drama is acceptable.

Raid Rules

These rules will be enforced with the spirit of them in mind. They are not meant to be harsh or punishing. Some of the rules lack extremely specific requirements (e.g. #1 regarding progression) by design. We are not looking to micromanage or become overly strict. For all of these rules, use good judgement. If you are ever concerned about your standing or confused about a rule, please ask an officer. The open ended rules are not meant to cause stress or insecurity in your raid position.

  1. All raid members are responsible for the maintenance and progression of their character on their own time. We will have some scheduled events outside of raids, but you are ultimately responsible for yourself. The guild not organizing all non-raid content for you is not an acceptable excuse. If we are not in-game, many of us hang out in Discord and are willing to help if you would like to start a guild group. The group finder tool is another way you can find groups to suit your schedule.

    • If you are unable to devote the attention required for a short time due to extenuating circumstances, please let an officer know as soon as possible. If you are unable to maintain reasonable progress for an extended period or the entire expansion, you can return to the raid group once your schedule permits.

  2. New:A minimum level of performance is required. If you are severely underperforming to the detriment of the group, you will be asked to sit out. Being asked to step out will be on a boss specific basis. Raiders will not be asked to sit if they are experiencing learning and growing pains they are reasonably consistent with the entire group. This rule is intended to keep progression moving forward, not to bench anyone that makes a mistake. Please visit our detailed post for specifics.

  3. Raid invites go out 15 minutes before raid time starts. We start promptly at our designated time. Come to raid ready to go. If you are not present, and have not made previous arrangements, do not expect the raid to stop, exit the instance, and summon you. If a spot is available, you are welcome to join, but you will responsible for traveling to the raid instance on your own. If we have a warlock, you are in luck.

  4. Discord is required. You are not required to talk or have a mic, but we do need you to be able to listen. It is strongly advised that you stay signed into Discord whenever possible for the text chat. It helps people reach out to form groups. It is possible to mute chat notifications if that is bothersome for you.

Loot Distribution

Due to changes to Master Loot, we may have to resort to other loot distribution methods. Our primary loot rule is: Don't be a dick. If something is a bigger upgrade for someone else, or helps someone more, we share. We are not selfish with loot and hold that expectation for everyone. Getting kills is more important than loot drops. If we are unable to use Master Loot, we will try Need Before Greed. If that doesn't work, we will switch to Personal Loot.

We will attempt to use Need Before Greed with the following rules:

  1. Main specialization > off specialization (Note: your ms may be different than the spec you are in for a given fight in special circumstances)

  2. Highest roll wins

  3. For tier tokens: if someone is able to reach a new set bonus, we generally give that person the item. If multiple people are in this situation, or no one is going to reach a new set bonus breakpoint, highest roll wins.

  4. If a BoE items drops that you do not plan to use, and it is an upgrade for another raider's MS, you must trade it to them if possible. Gear for the raid > gold. Repairs and consumables are very often provided to guilded raid members (cross realm trading is still restricted).

  5. Crafting patterns go to raid members with the appropriate profession. Otherwise, it will go to the guild bank.

We want to maintain a fairly relaxed loot system, which had great success for us in the past. We did not want to impose a rule about everyone getting one piece of gear before rolling on a second, nor did we want to discourage newcomers by not allowing them to get loot until several weeks or months after joining. We are aware this may not work with every group of raiders. With that in mind, we have come up with a contingency plan.

Situations where we may deviate from MS/OS roll system

We have never had to deviate, none of the situations below were ever a significant issue.

  1. We have simply hit a wall- either the tanks, healers, or dps need some extra gear.

  2. There is a persistent negative attitude toward sharing loot.

    • The goal is to never reach this point. If someone has won multiple items in one night and continues to try to collect more loot to the detriment of others, the loot master is able to step in and distribute the loot to the second highest roller. We encourage you to roll on every piece of gear that is an upgrade. Similarly, feel free to let others know if items are an upgrade for you and why; this system works best when people communicate and are open to trading.

  3. There are insider or privileged loot trades or deals which are unfair to other raiders.

  4. There is other abuse of the system.

Voting Committee

We have never had to use to this.

We have established a voting committee that is comprised of raid members and officers to help facilitate fair loot distribution. Again, this is only for extreme cases of need, this is not our normal loot system.

  1. The voting committee will be comprised of 5 people: 3 officers and 2 (opted-in) randomly chosen raid members. Consideration will be given to members with potential conflicts of interest.

    • Conflicts of interest include couples, families, etc.

  2. One officer will be a tank, one a healer, and one a dps.

  3. The two randomly chosen raid members can be from any role.

  4. Each officer will present the status of the group they represent for discussion to see if there is a healing/tanking/dps issue. All members will give input.

  5. The committee will then vote to see which role they believe should be able to roll on the loot. (Tanks, Healers, or DPS)

  6. In extreme situations of need, a single person may be selected to receive loot, rather than a role.

  7. If the issue is more related to extreme cases of loot hoarding, the loot hoarder may be prohibited from receiving loot for a fixed number of bosses or period of time.

The point of any loot system is to make sure we can kill bosses. It does not matter who gets loot as long as bosses die. This is our philosophy. Sometimes, you need to concentrate loot on certain areas/members. Most of the time, you do not. Please do not scrooge it up with your loot; if you don't you will be fine. Basically, the rule is: "Don't be a dick."