by Luna


Onwards into heroic!


Congratulations to everyone who was a part of our full clear of normal in our first week of raiding. It is always nice when things go smoothly.

Going forward we will be progressing in heroic mode of the Emerald Nightmare. I want to remind everyone to keep farming and working on your gear. For our second raid coming weekend everyone should be well into 840 item level range. I understand completely that secondary stats often make lower item level gear superior, and as such have not set a hard limit. However, bear in mind that 841.6 is the lowest recorded average group item level heroic Nythendra kill on warcraft logs. Our group item level currently exceeds this, but if you are personally below 842 you may have some difficulty keeping up with the output requirements of the encounters.

Besides having the gear, please also remember that ultimately it is your output that matters. Based on our own logs, a good Nythendra pull should have everyone above 140k dps. 

Please continue to work on mythic+ dungeons. At this point, assuming competent partners, you should be able to clear mythic +4 within the time limit. Use our large raid size to your advantage to make groups and do not be afraid to fill in gaps with the group finder tool. Discord is a great place to get groups together, many of us may not be in game but have Discord on our phones. Everyone should also have the appropriate privileges to set up calendar events. Every upgrade you get helps the raid.

Besides gear, I want to point out two things regarding Nythendra: 

  1. She is not a dps race/fight or gear check. With our item level we 100% are capable of the required dps, healing, and tank survival requirements.
  2. Everyone needs to work hard to get better at her mechanics.

Half or more of the raid should not get wiped out in the first few breaths or the first phase 2. We got her under 1%, and I know we can kill her. However, many fights in Legion are all about mechanics and situational and positional awareness. It is not getting any easier. If there is anything that I, or any officers or dps lead, can do to help you in this regard, please speak up.

As always, please feel free to come directly to me, any officer, or any of our two dps leads with any questions or concerns. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.



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