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Tanks Needed for Legion Raiding

As Legion approaches, we are looking for one or two tanks to round out our raid team. Our tanks from WoD are looking for a break from the role, so if you are interested the start of the expansion could be a good opportunity to try your hand at tanking. Please note that we hold tanks to a higher standard for raid attendance, and often expect them to pull miracles out of their butts, so keep that in mind if you wish to try out tanking for us.


  1. Due to the synergistic nature of tanking and healing in a raid environment, we require both our tank and healing team members to be present every week for both raid nights. Some exceptions can be made with sufficient notice (a week or more please!).
  2. Our tank and healing team members have a larger expectation of seeking to improve their characters on their own time. This includes Mythic dungeons, any valor farming that needs to be done, etc. The guild and the Officers will endeavor to assist with this as appropriate and necessary (Enchants for example can be expected to be provided for by the guild).
  3. Tanks have a higher expectation for attendance when the guild schedules time for Timewalking / Mythic dungeons, LFR, etc. This is especially true of Timewalking and Mythic dungeons where queues can be long without a tank, or in the case of Mythic dungeons, tanks are difficult to find.

Please note that while we expect more out of our tanks we do not intend to leave you high and dry. The Officers who are familiar with this role are more than willing to help out with questions you may have, gearing advice, etc.

If you would like to be a tank for <Kindred> in Legion, please let us know by contacting one of the Officers via direct message in Discord. Please include what class or classes you are interested in for tanking.

Thank you, The Kindred Order Officer Team

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