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Raid Tools

Starting with legion, the guild will be performing nightly simulations using the latest Simulation craft source code. A link to the results will be made available to you on the Discord raid announcements channel.

Our intention is not to make people feel uncomfortable or anything like that. We are looking to expand our toolset to make managing our raid easier, and to assist all of you with getting the most out of your character.

In keeping with the statements the Officers made at the end of our time raiding for WoD, we will be expecting more out of all of you, and taking a little less of a casual approach to our raid. As such, the Officers will be drafting a new set of rules for the raid, and we will also be using these tools to provide a measure of objective insight into the raid to help with enforcing those rules.

This is not a threat, "You better match what the sim says or you are out!", but rather an attempt to be transparent as we move forward with our raid in Legion. In the interest of full transparency, we will also be tracking who gets what loot, as well as the magnitude of an upgrade the item was (based on Ask Mr. Robot’s team optimizer tool) for the person that received it. This information will not be available directly to everyone at this time, it is more of a bookkeeping and historical log tool for the Officers.

Our continued raid logging, as well as the new tools that we are implementing are intended to give us as much information as we can get as insight into the working of our raid so that we can continue to improve and grow as a team.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please feel free to express them either in the #General chat room, directly to any of the Officers, or talk to us using voice chat.

- The Officers of <Kindred>

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