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Legion, loot, raid size, and more

I foolishly believed we had things pretty figured out for the launch of Legion on August 30. Ha. 

Queue Watcher's post regarding Master Loot two days ago. See quote:

Using Master Loot in 7.0 requires that you have a "guild group," which is the same definition that is used for things like Guild Achievements or Guild Challenges: 80% or more of the group must belong to the guild. You can definitely bring a couple (or several, for larger raids) friends along from other servers and the like.

Is the appeal of Master Loot the convenience of only one person needing to check the corpse and then assign everything out? I'm a little perplexed that the reaction has been more "welp, guess we can't bring our friends anymore..." rather than "welp, guess we can't use Master Loot as much now...." I'd imagine there isn't much of a real concern about ninja-looting in a group of guildmembers and friends that raid together on a regular basis, or is there?

I know Personal Loot has been viewed with some skepticism by guild groups over the years. Originally it was due to the drop variance, where you could potentially get 0 or 1 items from a large-raid kill, which felt terrible. We fixed that in Warlords. But even then, being unable to trade loot around to gear up a friend, or pass an item to someone who needs it more, held back its appeal. In Legion, we've made more major improvements to Personal Loot, most importantly including the ability to trade any item that isn't a strict Item Level upgrade to other people who participated in the kill. So if you have (or have ever gotten, post-7.0, even if you no longer have it) an ilvl 720 trinket, any trinket drop you see that's 720 or lower can be traded to others in your raid group. And you still get the benefits of "smart" loot (e.g. never seeing a shield drop if you don't have a shield-user in your raid). Maybe it still isn't the right fit for your group, but I'd encourage people raiding Hellfire this week to give it a try - we've love to hear feedback on how it feels, and what could still be improved. Thanks!

We had quite a few weeks where we simply did not have the numbers to count toward guild progression in WoD, which was unfortunate. Now, falling below the 80% threshold affects the way we distribute loot. The solution of items being tradeable only if it is a lower item level is laughable. As we have all witnessed the benefits of passing or trading to raiders who need something more, I will not spend anymore time discussing why this is terrible.

This change has left us, a largely cross realm raid team, in quite the predicament.

  1. Do we force everyone to pay money to transfer? What about sustainable recruiting over the life of the expansion? I recruited in the group finder tool in WoD because raiders were hard to come by when limited to our server only.
  2. Do we use Personal Loot and hope that we never need to funnel gear to overcome a progression block? Do we keep our fingers crossed that Timetick does not have 7,000 tier pieces without any other Demon Hunters to trade to?
  3. Do we transfer the entire guild to a more populated server? Asking people to spend money feels terrible. I would help subsidize the cost of moving, but 10 toons plus the guild costs ~$285. Also, we lose all the support of our alt professions.
  4. Do we recruit and carry a larger roster to guaruntee we will not need to pug and use Need Before Greed? If we have 20 regulars, with a few extra, it is not as big of a deal if a few people miss a week. With NBG, it is risky to pug replacements. Sure, we could threaten any pugs, ask them to agree, have them roll first in case they try to ninja, etc. If we have 20, quite a few dps can be absent before we would be below 10. The issue here is with  healers. For 15 people, 3 healers is a no brainer. Even some fights with 10 people, 3 healers were neccessary. 3 healers can also handle a bit over 15. But 20? I think we will need a 4th healer. What will happen to healer 4 if 3-5 people are out one week? 4 healers for less than 18-20 is completely overkill. With the current design of Artifacts, could a healer reasonably switch specs without losing out on Artifact power for their main spec and also contribute enough dps? 

The officers and I have been debating and discussing what is best for everyone. Right now no one is leaning toward option 3.  If you have any other ideas, please let me, or any other officer, know.  Please share your thoughts as this affects us all.

I plan to have some revised raid rules up soon. Of course, the loot section will be a big fat questions mark.



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