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In the lull since finishing up heroic raiding in WoD, the Officers tested out Discord for use as our primary voice communications platform. We decided based upon its many improvements over Teamspak 3 and the fact that it allows us to foster the guild as a community outside of the game to make the switch. The Teamspeak 3 server is still available for those of you who would like to use it, but our raids and guild events will be hosted in Discord from now on. The Teamspeak 3 server is no longer available due to a catestrophic failure of the machine it was hosted on.

Please check the Guild Info tab in-game for a link to get invited to our Discord server. At some point in the future, roles may be set automatically based upon guild rank, but at this time please shoot myself (Renab on discord) or Luna a private message through Discord (or send one of us a whisper in game if we are online) to get your Discord roles set up properly.

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