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Defining underperformance

Our goal is to complete heroic raid content at a speed consistent with achieving Ahead of the Curve for all tiers with all of our lovely raiders. Much of the enjoyment from raiding comes from the friendships and relationships forged in the wipes and salty first kills we experience together. It is reflected in our guild name, Kindred. We are a WoW family enjoying eachother's company, persevering and learning together, and killing internet dragons. This element is still very important to Kindred. However, since we intend to progress at Ahead of the Curve speed, we  need everyone to perform to a minimum standard.  All decisions to request a raider to sit are made and agreed upon by a majority vote of the officers. It is never personal or based on anything other than performance. Also, it sucks to have to do it.

Mechanical Underperformance

If a raider fails to show improvement on executing a mechanic long after the rest of the raid has adapted, and the failure by the raider to successfully perform the mechanic causes raid-wide catastrophe (i.e. wipes, extreme strain on healers that impacts their ability to successfully heal the rest of the encounter, etcr) the raider will be asked to sit for the boss presenting the issue. The raider may return to the raid for encounters where this is not an issue.

This is not meant to punish players who learn more slowly. It will take some time for all members of the raid to successfully maneuver through an encounter from start to finish. This is to be expected. The failure described is one that is occurring consistently and without improvement well beyond the time the rest of the raid can complete the mechanic and causes irreparable harm to the pull. A player who learns slower, but has a good attitude and makes demonstrable improvements are not considered to be severely underperforming.

Please be aware that tanks and healers who mechanically underperform may be asked to dps, and be replaced full time in their original role. It is very difficult to grab a new tank or healer on a per boss basis.

Throughput Underperformance


If a tank's survivability is consistently insufficient to maintain life over a long period of many pulls without any improvement, it is considered severe underperformance warranting sitting out or replacement. A tank is partially responsible for their own survival through proper use of defensives and self healing. This includes communicating with healers to request externals. The raid cannot succeed if the tank cannot stay alive. This failure must be above and beyond incidental mistakes, simple learning, and exceptional in nature when compared to the other tank's performance. If it is truly an issue of not getting the required healing from a healer, this will not be held against a tank for consideration of underperformance. Tanks are held to strict and high standards. A consistent failure on the part of the tank to perform adequately will most likely result in full time replacement.


If a healer's output is insufficient to complete an encounter where the raid is successfully performing mechanics, and the healer is lagging behind the other healers significantly it can be considered underperformance. Healing performance cannot be calculated through the use of meters alone. All healers must work together to coordinate raid cooldowns and responsibilities. There are many reasons why a healer's hps may be significantly lower than the other healers. Many of these reasons do not relate to skill or performance, but rather conscience decisions made to increase utility overall, a specific job or role within the healing team that makes the encounter smoother, or the very design of the specific spec and its strengths and weaknesses.  Severe underperformance of a healer makes an encounter impossible to complete. If  the healing team is able to output enough healing collectively to the successful completion of encounters, a specific healer will not be replaced for underperformance.  Healers are held to strict and high standards. A consistent failure on the part of a healer to perform adequately will most likely result in full time replacement.


If a dps's output is significantly lower than the group average and simulations without any improvement over attempts such that it is impacting the ability for the raid to succeed, it may be considered severe enough underperformance to sit out for the fight or until you are able to contribute adequately. DPS output can be variable from fight to fight and often improves with comfort and familiarity with encounters. Time to learn and improve is to be expected; improvement is also expected. If your total damage done is within approximately 10% of the average damage done, you are well within an acceptable range of dps, unless there is a hard limit defined by the encounter. If it is lower than that, you will be asked to hone your skills and improve. If it is below 10% of the average damage done for a fight, and it is preventing the raid from completing the encounter, you will be asked to sit for this specific encounter or until you are able to adequately contribute.

If you are asked to improve your dps, the officers and other raid members offer as much support and guidance as possible. This includes sitting analyzing logs to provide insight into what might be going wrong, assistance finding add ons, and other general (not spec-specific) support. Improving damage output often takes some dedicated time to practice outside of raid time. The officers are willing to put time and energy into helping you pull your numbers up.


We want to help you, and we want to get the kills together.

If at any point you are asked to improve or sit out on a fight, please try not to take any frustration you feel out on the raid or the person who asks you to sit. The decision is made by a group, not solely by the one person asking you. The other raiders have nothing to do with it either. Just the officers.  

Struggling is no fun, and knowing you are struggling without being able to fix it in the moment feels awful. We truly want to help. Many of us have spent hours pouring over logs, researching specs we were unfamiliar with, practicing specs we do not usually play, and discussing amongst ourselves how we can help someone to improve. This statement is not made to make us sound like martyrs. We are just trying to really express that we want everyone to cross the finish line together. In order to do that, everyone needs to be able to contribute. We want the entire group to clear the content together.

Having a discussion, even if it is one-on-one, where someone is telling you what you are doing wrong, how you can change something, or being otherwise critical can be hard to hear. If someone is taking the time to try to help you, please rest assured they are not doing it while thinking less of you, being down on you, or feeling superior. We can get our superiority complex jollies from being LFR heroes. None of us would put in the effort we do to try to help raiders if we honestly thought they were awful. If we ever stop trying to help you, that is when you are in trouble. Communicating about improving does not mean an automatic bench.

If you are frustrated, please be frank and say so. It is okay to be frustrated. It is not okay to lash out at the people trying to help you. Channel that frustration into determination that you will improve. Ultimately, the other raiders cannot do it for you. You need to want to improve for yourself and be willing to put the time in. If you are, we are here to support you.

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