About Us

The Kindred Order <Kindred>, previously known as Freaky Fast Freaky Good,  has been a raiding guild on Malygos for years. We took a bit of a break from raiding in Mists of Pandaria, but returned to full time raiding for Warlords of Draenor, achieving Ahead of the Curve in Highmaul and Hellfire Citadel. For Legion, we have set the goal of attaining Ahead of the Curve for each raid tier as a guild. We do not have current plans for vying for server firsts, but may consider mythic progression depending on our pace through heroic raiding.

After Warlords of Draenor, the Officer Corps have decided that we want a bit more of a challenge and have set our sights firmly on Heroic progression and AoTC for each raid tier. We all want to have fun, make some friends, and enjoy relatively stress free raiding. With that in mind, we are going to begin taking a less casual approach to raiding. We found over the course of the expansion that we were burning out going through normal progression, then doing it all over again with little to no change in mechanics on heroic difficulty. To avoid a similar burn out, we intend to stick to heroic only raiding. Once finished with heroics, we may consider mythic mode, but that is entirely up in the air.

While we are still only raiding two nights a week, we still expect you to put in every effort to advance your character, know your class, and do your best. While we understand that life comes first, we are setting the expectation that you will find some time regularly to improve your character outside of the weekly raid. That includes mythic+ dungeons, LFR (we truly hope it won't come to LFR), valor grinds, etc.

We are always open to taking on new raiders. However, we do not carry entitled or lazy people wanting a free ride, and have set a higher expectation for raid performance and will be taking action when individual(s) are not performing satisfactorily.